Elche pulled off a startling triumph against Atletico in an unexpected upset rarely witnessed!

In a shocking turn of events, Atletico Madrid suffered a colossal 1-0 loss to already-relegated Elche last Sunday, effectively eliminating any mathematical possibility for Diego Simeone’s squad to secure a La Liga victory. Meanwhile, their arch-rivals Barcelona are positioned to confidently capture the title with a win against Espanyol later that day and Atletico, presently third in the rankings, have no chance of catching up. Despite being in a remarkable form post the World Cup, the team was bafflingly inadequate against the league’s cellar-dwellers, Elche, who have only managed to secure four wins this season. Fidel Chaves, in the 41st minute, took full advantage of Atletico goalkeeper Ivo Grbic’s terrible fumble during a throw-in, allowing him to score an effortless goal. Following Real Madrid’s triumph over Getafe the previous day, they have now surpassed Atletico in the rankings by two points. In an earlier match, Valencia seized a crucial last-minute triumph against Celta Vigo, which provisionally lifted them to 14th, three points clear of the relegation zone.

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