Duale cautions Lamu against aiding attackers affiliated with al Shabaab

Duale Cautions Lamu Against Aiding Attackers Affiliated With Al Shabaab

On Saturday, August 26, 2023, Defense CS Aden Duale addressed the public in Mokowe, Lamu West, urging residents to cooperate with security agencies to put an end to insecurity in Lamu. However, Defense CS Aden Duale has accused certain residents of Lamu of colluding with al Shabaab in their attacks.

During his tour of the county, Duale expressed suspicion about the ability of terrorists to carry out raids and killings in villages without leaving any trace. He questioned how the locals could fail to notice al Shabaab moving from Jilib in Somalia all the way to Mokowe, killing a driver and conductor, and effortlessly escaping without being seen. According to Duale, it is likely that there are locals working with these so-called al Shabaab to carry out these brutal acts of violence and destruction.

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Addressing the public and leaders in Mokowe and Faza Island, Duale emphasized the importance of the community collaborating closely with security personnel to achieve lasting peace in the country. He sternly warned the locals against sheltering al Shabaab militants or aiding their activities in the county. Duale firmly believes that the militants find refuge in certain homes after attacking and killing innocent Kenyans in Lamu villages. He firmly asserted that the recent increase in terrorist attacks in Lamu indicates that al Shabaab is receiving support and guidance from local individuals.

Duale also instructed chiefs to gather information about visitors to their villages, including their purpose and duration of stay. This data would help identify any suspicious foreign elements in the county. He also stressed the need for chiefs and their assistants to remain present in their respective areas of jurisdiction. If the community is residing in camps, then the chiefs and assistants should do the same.

Politicians were not spared from Duale’s warning. He cautioned against their interference once suspects are apprehended by security agencies in connection with Lamu’s terrorist attacks and killings.

During his visit, CS Duale announced plans to designate certain areas of Lamu as disturbed, prohibiting citizens from carrying out activities or residing there. These areas include Jirma, Juhudi, Mkunumbi, Marafa, Marafa-Toto, Pandanguo, Poromoko, Salama, Tabasamu, Ukumbi, and Widho. Anyone found loitering in these areas will be considered not as a Kenyan, but as an al Shabaab member, and they will face severe consequences.

By urging collaboration between the community and security agencies, threatening those aiding terrorists, implementing stricter measures in certain areas, and providing warnings to politicians, Duale aims to tackle insecurity in Lamu and ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

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