“Djibouti and Berbera – The Unlikely Champions of Sub-Saharan African Container Ports, Propelling Trade Prosperity to New Heights!”

On Friday May 26, 2023, the World Bank published a highly perplexing report, the Container Port Performance Index (CPPI) report, which has placed Djibouti and Berbera ports as the leading container ports in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The report highlights the immense growth potential and strategic significance of the two ports in the global trade. It further underscores the expanding influence of Sub-Saharan Africa’s container shipping industry.

The World Bank has developed this comprehensive report in collaboration with S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Global Intelligence and Analytics division. Djibouti Port has secured the top regional spot with an impressive overall global ranking of 26, making it a crucial global trade gateway connecting Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Its modern infrastructure and strategic location have enhanced regional trade and connectivity, contributing significantly to regional integration and economic growth.

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Berbera Port in Northern Somalia follows closely with an overall ranking of 144. Its unwavering commitment to excellence has helped cement its role in Sub-Saharan Africa’s container shipping industry. The port is continuously streamlining its operations while also investing in its infrastructure to improve service quality. Berbera Port’s persistent efforts have attracted international recognition, making it a vital regional trade and logistics hub that facilitates cross-border goods movement.

The rankings have placed Mogadishu Port at 7th in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a global rank of 221. The report recognizes Djibouti and Berbera ports’ potential in serving as pivotal hubs for international trade, attracting worldwide attention, and promoting regional economic development. Their strategic significance transcends their national borders, positioning them as key facilitators of regional growth and connectivity.

Djibouti Port’s strategic location has made it a critical refuelling and transshipment center, mainly serving as Ethiopia’s maritime outlet for imports and exports. The port handles approximately 2,500 ships daily, making it indispensable for international trade. In addition, it helps counter regional security threats like terrorism and piracy.

Berbera Port is operated by DP World in partnership with the Northern Somalia Government, which has made significant investments in infrastructure and logistics, demonstrating its commitment to efficiency and continuous modernization efforts. This port’s growth potential has been realized, and its unwavering commitment to excellence has made it a vital regional trade and logistics hub.

The CPPI report is a comprehensive assessment tool that evaluates container ports, allowing port authorities, governments, shipping lines, and other trade and logistics entities to identify areas of improvement and optimize supply chain operations. The report’s acknowledgement of Djibouti and Berbera ports as top performers signals Sub-Saharan Africa’s burgeoning role in international trade.

The CPPI rankings for container ports in the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region are as follows:

Djibouti – Overall Ranking: 26

Berbera – Overall Ranking: 144

Conakry – Overall Ranking: 189

Dakar – Overall Ranking: 196

Matadi – Overall Ranking: 197

Tema – Overall Ranking: 205

Mogadiscio – Overall Ranking: 221

Beira – Overall Ranking: 223

Freetown – Overall Ranking: 226

Toamasina – Overall Ranking: 227

Takoradi – Overall Ranking: 245

Maputo – Overall Ranking: 248

Port Victoria – Overall Ranking: 249

Lagos (Nigeria) – Overall Ranking: 260

Mayotte – Overall Ranking: 267

Monrovia – Overall Ranking: 271

Owendo – Overall Ranking: 275

Port Elizabeth – Overall Ranking: 291

Walvis Bay – Overall Ranking: 293

Douala – Overall Ranking: 295

San Pedro (Cote D’ivoire) – Overall Ranking: 296

Port Reunion – Overall Ranking: 298

Onne – Overall Ranking: 302

Tin Can Island – Overall Ranking: 308

Dar Es Salaam – Overall Ranking: 312

Pointe-Noire – Overall Ranking: 315

Lome – Overall Ranking: 318

Kribi Deep Sea Port – Overall Ranking: 324

Mombasa – Overall Ranking: 326

Port Louis – Overall Ranking: 327

Cotonou – Overall Ranking: 330

Nouakchott – Overall Ranking: 331

Abidjan – Overall Ranking: 333

Luanda – Overall Ranking: 337

Ngqura – Overall Ranking: 338

Durban – Overall Ranking: 341

Cape Town – Overall Ranking: 344

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