“Devastating floods mercilessly claim 45 lives in Ethiopia, leaving communities shattered and hearts broken!”

On Tuesday May 16, 2023, Ethiopia was hit by massive floods that have left the nation in a state of perplexity and turmoil. The catastrophic event has caused widespread destruction and displacement across several regions of East Africa, leaving 45 people dead and more than 35,000 households displaced.

According to reports, the Somali region has been severely impacted, with over 23,000 livestock perished and 99,000 hectares of farmland destroyed. This is in addition to the deepening vulnerability of populations who were already affected by a prolonged drought in 2020.

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As if things couldn’t get any worse, health risks have also been exacerbated, including the rampant spread of cholera. Sadly, the outbreak has claimed the lives of 94 people since August of last year, making it the longest cholera outbreak in the country’s history.

Moreover, the flooding has also led to a measles outbreak in drought-affected areas and rising malaria cases in flood-affected areas, while also disrupting children’s education.

Despite the short rainy season between February and April bringing improvements in terms of agricultural activities, the availability of water supply for humans and livestock, and pastures, it has also caused destruction, loss of life and livelihoods, increased health risks, contaminated water sources, and the destruction of homes, schools, and health facilities. The entire nation is in a state of burstiness, unsure of what the future may hold.

In summary, Ethiopia’s catastrophic floods have brought nothing but perplexity and chaos, and the nation’s people are in desperate need of assistance to overcome these challenges.

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