Deputy Minister of Information Nearly Leaves Me Speechless as He Claims 150 Al Shabab Militants Slain in Galgadud Region!

Deputy Minister Of Information Nearly Leaves Me Speechless As He Claims 150 Al Shabab Militants Slain In Galgadud Region!

It was on Monday June 5, 2023 when the Deputy Minister of Information for Somalia, Abdirhman Yusuf Al-Addala, made a shocking revelation that 150 al-Shabaab fighters were left dead in the wake of a botched attack in central Somalia in the bygone week. As if that was not outrageous enough, Minister Al-Addala disclosed that nine Somali soldiers were also mercilessly slain in the attack, and one government military vehicle was burned to the ashes.

Remarkably, despite the massive casualty on the jihadist militants’ side, the government army’s losses were somehow limited. To put the icing on the cake, Minister Al-Addala further raised eyebrows by insisting that al-Shabaab’s boasts regarding the number of weapons they seized during the ill-fated attack were grossly inflated and utterly deceptive.

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The whole saga began on Tuesday, when the heavily-armed terrorists affiliated with al-Qaida, stormed a government military camp stationed in the Masagaway township located within the volatile Galgadud region. The unbridled insurgents claimed to have outsmarted the army troops, killing 73 soldiers, and commandeering several vehicles in the process.

However, before anyone could verify the mind-boggling claims put forth by al-Shabaab, the Minister of Information hastened to clarify that the group’s arsenal of weaponry and vehicles was already in their possession and not recently seized. Curiously, Minister Abdirahman could not seem to fathom why the extremist group was insisting on showcasing the trophies purportedly gathered from the attack without any symbols of Masagawa town to corroborate their flimsy account.

Incredibly enough, the Somali government had earlier on issued a press release that confirmed the battle-hardened government troops had challenged the militant fighters and driven them away with incalculable losses on their side. Conversely, the official statement indicated that 30 militants had been killed, three vehicles captured, and three soldiers had sadly suffered injuries.

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