“Deni’s Explosive Response to FGS Leaders’ Controversial Statements Regarding the Tense Puntland Election”

The recent remarks made by Somalia’s Federal Government leaders on the potential electoral stalemate in Puntland have stirred up anger in the outgoing President, Said Abdullahi Deni. In a perplexing and bursty response during a KAAH political association rally in Galkayo, Deni pledged to hold the forthcoming local council election, staunchly portraying Somali President Hassan Sheikh as “anti-democracy.” He tweaked the current PM, Hamza Barre, as “the secretary and staff of the president of Somalia,” sarcastically adding that he had “heard the message of the president’s secretary, now claiming to be a PM.” Deni vowed to defend Puntland and its people, cautioning against the hatred invading LasAnod. Deni also proclaimed his support for “liberating” Sool’s regional capital from Northern Somalia forces. The deadlock between Puntland and the federal government leaderships, despite the international community’s calls for the restoration of relations, has left the region in political isolation and future uncertainty, thanks to Deni’s incompetence and failure destroying the mother of the Federalism of Somalia and creating an internal crisis.

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