CyberSOC Africa expands focus to Kenya, tapping into East Africa’s cybersecurity market


Cybersecurity firm CyberSOC Africa has expanded its operations and established a presence in Kenya, marking a significant step in its pan-African cybersecurity expansion strategy. The company aims to enhance cybersecurity awareness and education while offering valuable resources and tools to safeguard government agencies and organizations against cyber threats.

Nir Kunik, Chairman of CyberSOC, expressed enthusiasm about the new cybersecurity office and emphasized its role in maintaining online safety across the African continent. He further highlighted that promoting cybersecurity awareness would be a key objective for the office.

CyberSOC specializes in various cybersecurity services, including threat detection and response, threat intelligence, security awareness training, and compliance assistance. These comprehensive offerings enable businesses to achieve compliance with the latest cybersecurity regulations and standards.

Brian Mang’oli, the regional sales manager for East Africa, emphasized the significance of their managed security operations center (SOC) and its role in bolstering national security. The SOC acts as an early warning system, diligently monitoring networks and systems for any suspicious activities and potential threats.

Shai Nuni, the CEO of CyberSOC, stressed the importance of establishing a robust cybersecurity framework as African countries increasingly integrate digital infrastructure into various aspects of society.

In addition to serving Kenya, the newly established office will also cater to other East African countries, including Ethiopia and Somalia.

John Tanui, Principal Secretary of the States Department for Information and Digital Economy, acknowledged the remarkable progress made in the digital transformation landscape. However, he underscored the escalating cybersecurity challenges and risks faced by Kenya, which can compromise national security and hinder the digital transformation agenda.