“Could Arsenal have won the EPL if they had signed Ronaldo after his Man Utd departure?”

The Twitterati is alight with Piers Morgan’s latest musings on the great Ronaldo. In a bold move, Morgan has suggested that Arsenal would be top of the heap in the Premier League if only they had seized the opportunity to bring the Portugal international to their ranks. Given that the man himself has voiced feeling “betrayed” by Manchester United, Arsenal perhaps missed a golden chance to scoop up a top talent.

The interviewer who famously had Ronaldo spill his guts and air his grievances in front of a live audience spoke provocatively once more about the situation, stating that “if we’d signed Ronaldo when he left Utd, until the end of the season – as he was keen to do btw – we would have won the League”. The pundit’s grandiose claims suggest that Ronaldo knows how to prove his worth on the pitch and has the right credentials to score key goals when they matter most.

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Despite showing superb form throughout the season, Arteta’s side is predicted to finish second best to powerhouse Manchester City on the table. Alas, Morgan seems to feel that Arsenal’s failure to seal the deal with Ronaldo is to blame for this crushing loss. The English broadcaster remarked that the Gunners just weren’t savvy enough to try and snap up the 38-year-old when the opportunity arose, and they have missed out on a golden chance to attain glory.

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