Controversy Surrounding the Proposal to Extend Kenya President’s Term Sparks Outrage

Controversy Surrounding The Proposal To Extend Kenya President's Term Sparks Outrage

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Last November, President Ruto dismissed a similar proposal, labelling it as “selfish”.

A senator belonging to Kenya’s ruling coalition recently suggested extending the current five-year presidential term limit to seven years, igniting a strong reaction within the country.

According to Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei, President William Ruto, who has been in office for just one year, may not have sufficient time to fulfill his campaign promises.

Nevertheless, this proposition has caused uproar amongst some Kenyans, with the opposition accusing the government of attempting to eliminate presidential term limits.

“On the contrary, the term limit should be reduced to four years, allowing only one term for each of the next six elections. This is the most effective way to foster national unity and prevent the entrenchment of vested interests, thereby ensuring the establishment of constitutionalism,” an individual named X commented.

“If a leader fails to deliver within a span of ten years, what purpose would an additional four years serve?” wondered another user.

Last November, President Ruto declined another proposal put forth by a different UDA legislator, which sought to eliminate presidential term limits in the country.

Kenya’s constitution stipulates a maximum of two terms for a president, and any modification would necessitate a referendum.