Colombia initiates extensive search for Luis Diaz’s father with military involvement and substantial £40k reward


The search for the father of Luis Diaz is still ongoing, with significant involvement from military and police personnel in the rescue effort. A reward of £40,000 has been offered for any information regarding the situation.

Diaz did not participate in the 3-0 victory over Nottingham Forest on Sunday due to the news of his parents’ kidnapping in Colombia, his home country.

Late on Saturday evening, it was reported that Luis Manuel Diaz and Cilenis Marulanda were abducted when their vehicle was commandeered by unknown assailants.

While Diaz’s mother has been rescued, the search for his father continues. A reward of “up to 200 million pesos,” equivalent to around £40,000, has been announced.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro stated that “all public forces have been deployed” to locate the father of the winger.

According to Colombian news outlet Semana, over 130 trained personnel are involved in both ground and aerial searches. However, there are concerns that Diaz’s father may have been taken to Venezuela.

The 26-year-old is being kept updated on the situation and is receiving support from his Liverpool teammates and the football community as a whole.

Colombian national teams displayed a shirt with Luis Diaz’s name to show solidarity on Sunday, and players like James Rodriguez and Cuadrado expressed their hopes for his father’s safe return.

Following the match on Sunday, Jurgen Klopp addressed the distressing situation and acknowledged that they couldn’t directly assist, but they could fight on Diaz’s behalf.

“How can you make a football game truly significant on a day like this? It’s extremely challenging,” said Klopp after the win, during which Diogo Jota paid a heartfelt tribute to the No. 7.

“I have never struggled with that in my life; it has always been my safe place, sometimes my sanctuary.

“As a player, as a coach, you are allowed to focus solely on those 90 minutes.

“However, it was impossible, absolutely impossible to do so.

“It was evident that we needed to infuse the game with added significance, and that was by fighting for Lucho.

“Then, the players unveiled the shirt, and to be honest, I wasn’t fully prepared for that moment. It was incredibly moving, but also wonderful.”