Collaboration Between Kenyan Locals and KDF Crucial in Overcoming Al-Shabaab Threat

Collaboration Between Kenyan Locals And Kdf Crucial In Overcoming Al-shabaab Threat

Aden Duale, Kenya’s Defence Minister, emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the local community and the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) to combat Al-Shabaab militants. He believes that by working closely together, they have a better chance of defeating Al-Shabaab in the regions of Lamu and Northern Frontier Districts (NFD).

Duale acknowledges the contributions made by locals during his visit to Lamu. He assures that the government will continue investing in economically viable activities in Northeastern Kenya and Lamu. He also urges locals to take responsibility for protecting key infrastructure projects in the area.

During his visit to Lamu, Duale held a meeting with community leaders, locals, and elected officials, led by Governor Issa Timamy. The Defence Minister reiterates KDF’s determination to eliminate Al-Shabaab militants from the county, highlighting the successful outcomes of Operation Amani Boni.

Duale emphasizes the importance of restoring the region’s status as a leading tourism destination among neighboring countries and a significant contributor to Kenya’s economic growth. He mentions the government’s substantial investment in the region, including the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor, which requires joint efforts to safeguard this critical investment, as well as the lives and property of locals.

Furthermore, as a vital component of the country’s security infrastructure, KDF remains committed to its primary duty of defending and protecting Kenya against any external threat. Duale also emphasizes the importance of collaboration with other security agencies to ensure the safety and security of the citizens and residents of Kenya and their property.

Duale calls upon the community to provide crucial information and intelligence to help disrupt the enemy’s networks and prevent future attacks from armed militias. He states, “We will pursue the terrorists and those who support them.” Accompanying Duale on his visit are General Officer Commanding Eastern Command (EastComm) Major General Juma Mwinyikayi, Base Commander of Manda Base Brigadier Ng’ang’a, National Government Administration Officers (NGAO), and elected leaders from the county.

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