“City’s perplexing acquisition of Haaland: A burst of confusion over the mysterious motive behind his signing!”

In a surprising turn of events, Erling Haaland’s recent game against Real Madrid was a lackluster performance, with the Norwegian star failing to make a major impact on the pitch. This seems to be in stark contrast to his past decision-making prowess, as ‘The Times’ revealed an intricate system he used to choose his current club, Manchester City, over other top-tier teams such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona.

Reports state that Haaland, along with his father Alf-Inge and former agent Mino Raiola, used a unique points-based system ranging from 0 to 10, evaluating various factors such as competitiveness, stadium size, and the team’s need for a forward. The system proved to be quite efficient, with City earning a perfect score of 10, while Real Madrid only managed a meager score of 5 due to the existing presence of Karim Benzema.

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It is quite intriguing to see how Haaland utilized his personalized system to make such a critical decision regarding his future in professional football. While his current game performance may not have been up to par, his astute decision-making skills and strategic planning have ensured his place among the top players in Europe.

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