“Chaotic Chelsea Considers Trading for Joao Felix – Will the Deal Get Done?!”

Reportedly, Chelsea has devised a new plan to acquire the services of Joao Felix, as stated by the notorious ‘Daily Mail’. Their scheme involves offering not one, but two players – Aubameyang and Cucurella – to Atletico Madrid as part of a transfer bargain for the Portuguese prodigy.

The Portuguese striker hasn’t quite hit his stride in either his current club Atletico Madrid or Chelsea, exhibiting a rather subpar performance this season. Nevertheless, both teams still hold the talented player in high regard.

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Although Chelsea would rather hold onto Joao Felix for the upcoming seasons, Atletico Madrid seems unwilling to entertain any proposals for a transfer. As a result, Chelsea has concocted a roadmap to permanently sign the player in question.

Reportedly, Chelsea is willing to negotiate a deal whereby they offer two players to offset Joao Felix’s hefty price tag of 100 million euros, which Atletico Madrid allegedly seeks to command. According to sources, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Marc Cucurella are the two players likely to be part of the transfer bargain.

While Cucurella would be an ideal fit for Atletico Madrid’s defensive lineup, Aubameyang may not find a prominent role in the new squad.

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