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Is corruption as unhealthy as Al Shabab?

Corruption in Somalia is a big drawback that has plagued the nation for many years. The dearth of a powerful, centralized authorities and the continuing battle and instability have made it simple for corruption to flourish. Somalia ranks…

Somalia: Puntland sets model in war on terror

Puntland troops are building up momentum against vile Al Shabaab terrorism without external military assistance. This can be described as a Somali-style role model set for Somalia’s Federal Government (SFG), which has ironically tried to…

Chasing Mirages Across Somalia

Abukar Arman A former diplomat who writes about the two issues pushing the world to the edge- foreign policy & religion. Hopelessness is a dangerous dead-end. As in people, nations need sense of hope to exist and to deal with…

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