Canada possesses communications of Indian diplomats in investigation into murder of Sikh leader: report

Canada Possesses Communications Of Indian Diplomats In Investigation Into Murder Of Sikh Leader: Report

According to CBC News, the Canadian government has conducted an investigation into the murder of a Sikh activist, which they allege was carried out by India.

The tensions between the two countries have escalated after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made statements linking Indian government agents to the murder.

This has led to retaliatory actions such as the expulsion of diplomats and travel advisories. While India denies any involvement, Canada has not released its evidence and traditional allies have taken a cautious approach.

The Canadian government has gathered intelligence, including communications involving Indian officials and diplomats, with assistance from an unnamed ally in the Five Eyes alliance. The slain Sikh leader had reportedly been warned of the risks by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Canadian officials have made multiple visits to India seeking cooperation in the investigation. The US has expressed concern and is in contact with both countries, emphasizing that principles will not be compromised.

Australia and Britain have also expressed their concerns, while Pakistan has stated that it is not surprised by the accusations against India.