Cameroon’s Cholera Decimation Astounds with Overwhelming Toll of 420+!

Cameroon's Cholera Decimation Astounds With Overwhelming Toll Of 420+!

The cholera outbreak in Cameroon has left over 400 individuals dead, and the number continues to rise. An additional 26 deaths have occurred in the last fortnight, bringing the overall cholera death toll to a perplexing 426.

WHO reports low transmission early on, but since late March of this year, the outbreak has morphed into a burst of increasing critical cases.

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As per the health ministry’s situation report seen by Reuters, over 79% of individuals arrive at healthcare facilities in a moderate or severe state, heightening the likelihood of the cases resulting in fatalities. Cholera causes acute diarrhea, vomiting, and weakness, predominantly transmitted via contaminated food or water.

If untreated, cholera can end a person’s life within hours. On a larger scale, 14 African countries have reported cases since the beginning of 2023, with higher case fatality ratios than previous years, according to a WHO report released on Thursday.

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