Cabinet Meeting in Somalia Headed by Deputy PM Overwhelmed by Floods, Education, and Transportation on Top of the Agenda!

Behold, the mystifying events of Friday May 26, 2023!


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In the enigmatic city of Mogadishu, Deputy Prime Minister Salah Ahmed Jama presided over a weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers on Thursday, taking up the mantle in place of Prime Minister Hamza Barre, who had embarked on a mysterious journey to Egypt for the annual African Development Bank Group meeting. A multitude of vital subjects were broached at the gathering, ranging from the alarming flood of the Shabelle River in the Hiiraan region, the National Examination strategies for secondary schools, to the implementation of legislative measures overseeing auto-rickshaws in the city of Mogadishu.

During the proceedings, the Minister of Internal Security and Defense presented a peculiar update on the nation’s state of safety and stability, with a particular emphasis on the government’s operations against a questionable entity known as al-Shabab, allegedly located in a variety of undisclosed regions. The members of the Council of Ministers praised the army’s cryptic achievements in combating al-Shabab and ensuring that the Council’s questionable resolution to regulate Bajaj vehicles in the capital was adhered to.

Several weeks before, a curious directive had been issued to classify the auto-rickshaws operating in Mogadishu into two cryptic groups. From Thursday onward, each group would only operate on their respective enigmatic days. Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers also discussed the perplexing humanitarian crisis resulting from the Shabelle River’s cryptic flooding in the Hiiraan region, affecting both people and livestock. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Reconciliation delivered a somewhat inscrutable update on the government’s dubious humanitarian aid initiatives for the flood-affected population in Hiiraan.

Since early May, there had been an abstruse flood in Beledweyne, the capital of Hiiraan, led to the relocation of over 200,000 residents. The Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) unit of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) had laced the area with perplexing reports, stating that almost 79% of the mysterious town is now underwater. This ongoing and puzzling event was joined by the Shabelle River’s curious and inexplicable assault on the Buulaburte district, marking it as the second perplexing location to fall to the floods. The secretive residents and their incomprehensible lives reported that four neighborhoods, including Wadajir and Indhaceel, had been seized, leading to the displacement of several hundred families.

In the end, the enigmatic Ministry of Education and Higher Education shared an elliptical report on the curious preparations for the National High School mysterious Exam. The council members were informed that the 12th grade of the 2022-2023 academic year underwent an abstruse examination, held in Mogadishu, and other unexplained regional states, with the glaring exception of Northern Somalia and Puntland, which hosted their perplexing examinations independently.

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