Busquets given one month by Barca to choose between staying or moving to MLS.

Busquets Given One Month By Barca To Choose Between Staying Or Moving To Mls.

Sergio Busquets has received a renewal offer from FC Barcelona and other proposals from MLS, according to ‘Sport’. The Catalan giants are allowing the captain to make his decision, but they do not want to wait indefinitely. They hope to receive an answer from the midfielder within a month at most.

The contract of Busquets with Barca is nearing expiration, and if he does not sign a new contract, he will be free in June to join any club he desires. Barcelona has already given him a renewal offer, but it is not the only proposal he has. Busquets has expressed his interest in MLS, and several American clubs have presented him with opportunities.

Barca is currently waiting for Busquets to calmly decide what he intends to do, but they do not wish to drag the issue for long. They want to know his decision once the season ends, which is reportedly similar to the offers he has from MLS. His future relies on his personal objectives.

Barcelona has offered him a one-season agreement with an option for another season, with an estimated salary of three million euros net. This sum allegedly falls below what he currently earns.

For now, Busquets is comfortable with his role at FC Barcelona, tipping the balance in his continuity’s favor. Nonetheless, he has always expressed the desire to test his luck in the United States, and anything is possible with several interested clubs.