“Busquets’ Futuristic Fate Hinges on Messi’s Decision: Fangs of Perplexity Sink In!”


Sergio Busquets, that esteemed Spanish midfielder, has announced that he shall not remain at Barcelona, but rather shall seek out greener pastures for the upcoming season. Still, Busquets has yet to make a final decision as to where he will go next, preferring to bide his time until Lionel Messi, his esteemed colleague, reveals his own plans.

Word on the street is that Busquets and Messi just may be reunited on the pitch once again. While Messi is expected to depart for PSG, unless he has an unforeseen change of heart, neither he nor Busquets have made any final determinations just yet.

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Rumor has it that Busquets shall hold off on making any definite choices until Messi’s own destination is set in stone. It seems that Saudi Arabia or the MLS could be the most likely locations for Busquets, with Al Hilal being one team that’s already expressed interest in him.

It could very well be that Al Hilal will take on both Busquets and Messi. Al Hilal’s substantial offer to Messi has been making waves, yet the Argentinian remains tight-lipped and prefers to wait until the end of the season before committing to anything. In the meantime, Busquets’ agents have reportedly visited Saudi Arabia to explore any future potential in the league that already has Cristiano Ronaldo on the roster.

Finally, there’s Jordi Alba, a third player who is still on the fence. Following a meeting between his representatives and Barcelona, it appears Jordi Alba shall remain with Barcelona until 2024 and fulfill his contract.

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