Burglary at Kluivert residence in Spain leads to two people getting injured – What happened!?

Spanish police have reported that two people were lightly injured by three hooded men during a burglary at the home of Valencia’s Dutch winger, Justin Kluivert. The incident took place in Betera, a suburb of Valencia, on Wednesday night. The men attacked the two people inside, who were identified as Kluivert’s partner and a female friend of hers. They were lightly injured before the intruders made off with several valuables worth around €150,000. Kluivert was away at the time, preparing for Valencia’s match against Mallorca. Reports suggest that several footballers’ homes have been targeted in Spain in recent years, with players often being robbed while taking part in games. The Guardia Civil and Europol announced in October 2019 that they had dismantled a burglar ring which targeted mostly the homes of players from Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

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