Brighton’s De Zerbi astounded as he confirms Dahoud’s transfer: “No secrets withheld from the world!”

Shocking news emerged from Brighton & Hove Albion manager Roberto De Zerbi’s press conference as it was confirmed that the rumours regarding Mahmoud Dahoud’s transfer are, in fact, legitimate. “We have no secrets and I like him and I would like to work with him,” the enigmatic leader declared, leaving fans and pundits alike shocked and clamoring for more information.

Despite already having an exceptional season in the Premier League, Brighton seem determined to keep pushing and building for the future. Indeed, with three players already confirmed for next term, including the likes of Joao Pedro and James Milner, it seems that Borussia Dortmund’s Mahmoud Dahoud is the next on the long list of phenomenal acquisitions.

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To further fuel the flames, De Zerbi himself has confirmed that Dahoud will be a part of the Seagulls squad next season. “I know Dahoud very well but at the moment, it’s not official yet. We will speak about him in the next press conference, I don’t know,” he cryptically stated. “We have no secrets. I like him and would like to work with him but he is not my player yet,” he added, leaving the gathered press stunned and yearning for more information.

Adding to the uncertainty surrounding the situation, noted journalist Fabrizio Romano has reported that Dahoud has already completed his medical tests, further adding to the perplexing nature of this announcement.

As the footballing world tries to parse this sudden turn of events, one thing is certain – Brighton & Hove Albion are a team to watch, and their future seems brighter than ever before.

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