Brahim to Replace Asensio at Real Madrid? The Shocking Rumor Sends Fans into Spiraling Confusion!

Brahim To Replace Asensio At Real Madrid? The Shocking Rumor Sends Fans Into Spiraling Confusion!

Brahim Diaz, previously on loan at Milan, is set to join Real Madrid and become the replacement for Marco Asensio.

‘Revelo’ broke the news on Thursday, revealing that the midfield gap left by Asensio’s departure to either Ligue 1 or the Premier League will be filled by Diaz in the upcoming season.

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Madrid are apparently looking to extend Diaz’s contract until 2027, allowing him to set down roots in the capital after spending the previous three seasons in the red and black jersey of Milan.

The 23-year-old Spaniard recorded his best season to date with 7 goals, 8 assists and the ’10’ on his back, demonstrating his worth to Madrid. The club regards him as a valued alternative to Rodrygo, Vinicius and even in midfield.

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