“Brace Yourself! Buulaburte District Awaits Perilous Bridge Collapse Amidst Unprecedented Shabelle River Flooding!”

A disturbing event has taken place in Beledweyne, Somalia on Friday May 26, 2023. The Hiiraan region has been suffering from heavy rainfall, resulting in devastating floods. The Shabelle River, in particular, has wreaked havoc in the area, with Buulaburte district being the latest victim.

Reports from residents indicate that four neighbourhoods in Buulaburte district have been severely impacted by the flooding, forcing several hundreds of families to flee their homes. Wadajir and Indhaceel are among the areas affected by the natural calamity.

It didn’t take long for the flooding to reach alarming heights. Mayor Sadam Abdi Idow was quick to share his concerns, stating that they have never experienced this kind of flooding in the area before. Regrettably, he added that the situation is continuously worsening, with the water levels reaching unprecedented heights.

It’s worth noting that Buulaburte district was already struggling with harsh living conditions before the flooding. Al-Shabab enforced isolation and blockade has caused immense suffering among the local population. Now, with the floods, the challenges have become even more severe.

What’s worse is that the flooding may cause additional damage to the already damaged bridge in the Buulaburte district, resulting from a malicious attack orchestrated by al-Shabab last year. The fear is mounting that the bridge may collapse, making the situation even more catastrophic.

The situation in Hiiraan region is already dire, with Beledweyne being submerged in floodwaters since the beginning of May. The floods have affected over 200,000 residents, leaving 79% of the town flooded, as per the Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) unit of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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