“Bombardment Strikes Khartoum Region while Sudan’s Adversaries Engage in Discourse”

The region of Khartoum is currently experiencing an intense bombardment as Sudan’s opposing military factions engage in conflict, despite ongoing ceasefire talks in Saudi Arabia. The capital city, along with Bahri and Omdurman, has become the main battleground area, alongside western Darfur province in the past month. On Sunday, there were reports of shelling in Bahri and airstrikes in Omdurman, along with heavy clashes in central Khartoum. The fighting has resulted in hundreds of fatalities and the displacement of 700,000 people within Sudan, with a further 200,000 becoming refugees in neighbouring countries. A humanitarian crisis is in progress, and there are concerns that external powers may become involved, leading to regional instability. Although the United States and Saudi Arabia are brokering ceasefire discussions, truce deals have repeatedly collapsed. The current discussions aim to secure lasting peace, including mechanisms for enforcing the protection of civilians and allowing humanitarian access to those in need.

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