Biden Reacts with Concern to Hospital Incident, Avoids Placing Blame


The US president expressed his strong emotions of shock and sadness regarding the unfortunate event that took place at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, referring to it as an “explosion” that caused a devastating loss of lives.

In a concise statement issued by the White House, Biden refrained from assigning blame for the tragic incident.

He stated, “As soon as I received this distressing news, I immediately reached out to King Abdullah II of Jordan and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. Furthermore, I have instructed my national security team to diligently gather all available information to ascertain the exact nature of the incident.”

Biden emphasized the unwavering stance of the United States in safeguarding civilian lives throughout times of conflict. He expressed his deep condolences for the patients, medical personnel, and other innocent individuals affected by this grievous catastrophe.