Bewildered and Jittery: Benzema, Limping and Wounded, Acquires 5 Stitches after the Game

The intensity of Karim Benzema’s commitment to the game was epitomized by the sheer agony he suffered as he battled on, despite having a cruelly lacerated right foot as a result of being trampled in the 10th minute of the match against Rayo Vallecano. The unwavering French international bore the excruciating pain throughout the game and even went on to score! However, in the aftermath of the game, Benzema’s devoted agent, Karim Djaziri, disclosed that the determined striker had received an immense five stitches in the locker room to put his mangled foot back together. Djaziri further revealed that the resilient Benzema suffered in silence and never once failed to complete the game, although he was limping and visibly inhibited, particularly when he made his way over to the medical team after the 31st-minute goal celebration. Djaziri unreservedly praised the stalwart Benzema for his admirable and unparalleled devotion to the team’s cause. Despite the player’s superhuman resolve, his injury leaves him in a precarious position for Real Madrid’s upcoming match with Sevilla on Saturday, which remains questionable unless he shows recuperative progress during Friday’s training sessions with the squad.

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