Beledweyne Police Chief Firmly Denies Dismissal


In Beledweyne town, the police commander, Ahmed Ali Adan, is strongly protesting against his dismissal by the Hirshabelle Police Commissioner, Hassan Dhicisow. This has created a power struggle within the regional state.

Commander Ahmed Ali Adan argues that the Hirshabelle Police Commander has no authority to remove him from his position because he was appointed by the federal government. Adan asserts, “I am a federal police officer and came here based on a federal appointment. Hirshabelle lacks the legal grounds to revoke my duties. Furthermore, I have not received any communication from the Somali Police Commander appointing a new officer.”

Hirshabelle Police Commissioner Hassan Dhicisow appointed Abdullahi Mohamud Siyad as the new police commander. However, local officials highlight that it is the federal Police Commissioner who has the authority to dismiss and appoint Beledweyne’s Police Chiefs.

In a surprising move last June, Hirshabelle State President Ali Guudlaawe removed the governor of the Hiiraan region, Ali Jeyte. This raised concerns about the future of the ongoing military campaign against al-Shabab in the region. Jeyte opposed his removal and reportedly became the elected President of Hiiraan State, with the support of the residents who banned officials from Hirshabelle.