Barcelona’s Utter Shock: Urging Me to Extend Contract Until 2027

Barcelona's Utter Shock: Urging Me To Extend Contract Until 2027

In a perplexing twist, Barcelona’s enigmatic right winger, Ousmane Dembele, has baffled fans by hinting at a potential contract renewal in the near future. Speaking to ‘Marca’, Dembele expressed his contentment with both the team and his life in Barcelona.

Previously, there had been a burst of rumors suggesting that Dembele could be one of the players departing Barcelona as the club aims to trim down their wage bill. However, the French international vehemently denied these rumors and revealed that discussions for his renewal are already underway with the club.

In an interview with ‘Marca’, Dembele stated, “Things are going extremely well. Barcelona is keen on extending my contract until 2027, and my representative will be engaging in talks with them. I find great happiness within the team and also in my life in Barcelona. The outcome of these negotiations remains uncertain.”

Dembele also reflected on his improved fortunes, expressing gratitude for being able to play more games after a string of injuries. He asserted, “I’ve endured numerous setbacks in the past, with recurring injuries hindering my progress. However, I am now in a happier state as I am able to contribute more to the team. The camaraderie within the squad and the individuals at Barcelona also bring me joy.”

Furthermore, Dembele acknowledged the challenging past three years for the team and praised their new coach, Xavi Hernandez. He commended Hernandez for alleviating the pressure on the players and providing a sense of familiarity, being well-versed in the happenings within the club.

With a mix of perplexity and optimism surrounding his future, Dembele’s comments have left fans eagerly awaiting further developments. The enigmatic winger’s words have certainly stirred up a burst of intrigue among the Barcelona faithful.

[Source: Fabrizio Romano’s Twitter]