“Barcelona to be sponsored by Philips?! Mind-boggling news!”

According to reports from ‘Mundo Deportivo’, FC Barcelona has allegedly struck a deal with the Dutch technology giant Philips, which will be prominently displayed on the sleeve of their shirts. The binding agreement is said to span across three years, with two optional additional years at the discretion of both parties involved.

Barca is seemingly scrambling to collect funds by any means necessary in order to gain approval for their financial viability plan, which would permit them to recruit fresh talent. As a result, they appear to have secured a new sponsor, as per revelations from ‘Mundo Deportivo’.

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As indicated by the source, the Catalan club has virtually cinched a deal with Philips, the Dutch tech goliath, to have their brand prominently emblazoned on the sleeve of their shirts for the upcoming seasons. The sponsorship term will span for three seasons, with two optional years that hinge upon mutual agreement.

The Catalan newspaper also reports that the brand has intentions to collaborate with the Espai Barca initiative and offer all the materials necessary for the upcoming television channels that will be incorporated into the new Spotify Camp Nou.

The Dutch technology multinational is scheduled to replace Beko, the Turkish household electronics and appliance manufacturer, who occupied the space on the team’s jersey for a sum of 19 million up until 2021.

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