Barcelona denounces Hacienda’s imposed fine with utmost perplexity: “None of the reasons presented were actually sanctioned!”


In a shocking turn of events, reports from ‘El Confidencial’ claim that Hacienda, the Spanish tax office, has fined Barcelona a mind-boggling 15.7 million euros for irregularities in their payments to players. But wait, what’s this? Just hours later, the Spanish side vehemently denied the information in an official statement! What is the truth here?

Nevertheless, Barcelona seems to be moving forward with their financial practices plan, which they presented to La Liga in order to make signings over the summer transfer window, despite their perilous economic situation. However, the board won’t make its final decision for a few more days, adding even more anxiety to the already-tumultuous situation.

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But wait, there’s more! This financial scandal is reportedly unrelated to the infamous ‘Negreira case’ that has caused so much trouble for Barcelona. According to reports, the ‘Agencia Tributaria’ opened an investigation into financial irregularities, which included the provision of Audi cars to the players, undeclared costs of charter flights, and incorrectly accounted-for compensations paid to some players after they left the club. The players in question? None other than Arda Turan and Alex Song, who apparently received payments of 1,312,500 and 3.5 million euros, respectively. And get this – the investigation goes all the way back to 2015!

As if that weren’t enough, Barcelona finds itself embroiled in yet another legal battle, this time in the ‘Negreira case’ mentioned earlier. Apparently, the club paid 1.4 million euros to DASNIL 95, a company owned by Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira, prompting yet another investigation.

But wait! The plot thickens once more, as Barcelona has denied the information published by ‘El Confidencial’ in an official statement, stating that “none of the issues cited were sanctioned by Hacienda”. They claim that these sanctions referred to another matter entirely, specifically the treatment of payments made to players’ agents. Furthermore, they highlight that in April 2023, the Central Economic Administrative Court upheld the appeals filed by the club’s lawyers, removing the sanctions regarding Personal Income Tax and Non-Residents Income Tax. The club hopes that the court will reconsider the sanctions regarding Value Added Tax, taking into account the tax treatment of payments made to players’ agents. It seems like there’s no end to the drama for Barcelona, as they continue to wait for “the correction of the information” published by ‘El Confidencial’ on Thursday.

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