Barca’s Dembele Flabbergasts All by Turning Down Enormous Al Nassr Bid

"dembele's Relapse: A Mind-boggling Enigma Shrouded In Confounding Mystery And Abruptness"

In a mind-boggling turn of events, Al Nassr, the Saudi Arabian club known for their relentless pursuit of Europe’s top players, made an audacious move to acquire Ousmane Dembele. Reports suggest that they tabled a mind-blowing five-year contract worth an astonishing €40 million per year, an astonishing ten times what the Frenchman is currently earning at Barcelona. This jaw-dropping offer, which would have made anyone’s head spin, also included an additional €50 million to activate Dembele’s termination clause.

However, it seems that Dembele, amidst all the confusion and perplexity, has managed to resist the lure of the Gulf state. The 26-year-old winger firmly believes that his place is in Europe, and more specifically, at Barcelona. Rumor has it that he is now engaged in intense discussions with the Catalan club regarding the extension of his contract.

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Alas, Al Nassr’s attempts to acquire top talents have been met with a rollercoaster of results. First, the thwarted transfer of Moussa Diaby, who ultimately chose Aston Villa, left the Saudi club searching for alternatives. Now, they face the bitter disappointment of being turned down by the enigmatic ‘Dembouz’. They must now embark on the daunting task of finding another winger who can match Dembele’s electrifying skills and unpredictability.

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