“Barca Vows to Leave No Stone Unturned in Securing Messi Signature”

"barca Vows To Leave No Stone Unturned In Securing Messi Signature"

The primary focus of Barcelona’s president, Joan Laporta, is to bring back Leo Messi to the Camp Nou. Despite strong interest from Saudi Arabia, Barcelona, the new La Liga champions, are hoping to lure their all-time top goalscorer back, as Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain is set to expire this summer. Messi has had two lacklustre seasons in Paris after a glorious era at Barcelona where he won four Champions League and 10 La Liga titles, and he is still worshipped by the fans there.

For many fans, including Laporta, seeing Messi back in a Barcelona shirt is a dream. After Barcelona won their 27th domestic title, Laporta spoke on Twitch in the early hours of Monday morning and stated that they would do everything possible to sign Messi. Despite undoubtedly suffering from a hangover after winning La Liga, Laporta also spoke about Messi’s possible return to the team. The Barcelona president admitted that he wouldn’t want to bother Messi now, as he is still in Paris with an unpleasant situation, but they would try to improve the side all over.

Laporta also stated that he had spoken to Messi to get things back on track. The Barcelona president appeared slightly more optimistic, mentioning that they have got the relationship back and that Messi loves Barca and feels like this club is his home, but it would be doing him a disservice to bring him back now. Despite the potential opportunity for Messi to earn hundreds of millions from a deal in the Middle East, Laporta is not worried, stating that Barcelona can compete with everyone, and Barca is Barca. Laporta argued that Barca is Messi’s home, and they have 400 million fans around the world supporting the team.