“Barca simultaneously tackling Carrasco transfer and Umtiti’s exit – a perplexing burst of activity”

"perplexing And Bursting News: Barca's Surprisingly Tepid Approach Towards Carrasco Transfer"

According to ‘Sport’, FC Barcelona have already reportedly initiated the process of Samuel Umtiti’s departure due to the fact that the defender has received proposals from esteemed football giants in Italy and France. Moreover, Barca has their sights set on obtaining the player Yannick Carrasco, and they have an option to purchase him for 18 million euros. However, the club is waiting for La Liga to approve their viability plan so that they can bring in new players. It’s imperative for Barca to improve their squad for the upcoming season if they wish to compete for multiple titles.

The newspaper ‘Sport’ claims that Mateu Alemany, who initially planned to leave the club, has now made an effort to acquire Belgian international Carrasco before the pre-season tour of the United States commences. It’s rumored that Barca intends to pay less than the 18 million euro price tag set in the purchase option, giving them two possible options, including either paying 10 million euros or including another player in the deal to lessen the cost.

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Furthermore, Barca has already commenced the process of Samuel Umtiti’s departure, as the defender has a contract until 2026 and is currently on loan at Lecce. The Frenchman has demonstrated a notable improvement in his play and has garnered interest from renowned clubs such as Inter, Milan, Roma, and even Lecce. This news presents a great opportunity for the Catalan giants, as Umtiti’s departure would reduce the squad’s wage bill. Nonetheless, the defender must make a decision at the end of the current season.

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