“Barca Makes Mind-Boggling Plan to Salvage €200 Million for Messi’s Epic Comeback!”

Return To Barcelona? Messi's Father Meets Laporta

FC Barcelona is currently working towards a seemingly unattainable dream – the return of the iconic footballer, Leo Messi, to Camp Nou for the 2023-24 season. This feat will require the club to miraculously save a staggering amount of 200 million euros, which seems like a monumental task.

The likelihood of Messi leaving his current club, Parc des Princes, in June is already creating a buzz in France, and it is almost certain that his tenure with PSG will not be renewed. Even though the French club is bracing themselves for his departure, they can not help but worry about how this could impact their finances.

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Barca, on the other hand, seems to be ahead in the race to secure Messi’s next destination. However, opting to have Messi on their resumé will come with the task of reducing their spending by 200 million euros, as stated in the viability plan they presented to La Liga. The club plans to cut expenses by lowering their players’ salaries by 60 million and reducing payroll and non-sporting salaries by an additional 10 million. They also intend to implement a 30 million savings plan from their professional sections in basketball, handball, women’s football, futsal, and hockey. Moreover, they aim to cut down 30 million from their financial expenses.

It does not end there; the club will also have to venture into selling their players or courting new sponsorships to raise an additional 70 million euros. This daunting task will require significant effort, and the viability plan will be implemented over two seasons- 2023-24 and 2024-25. If the club manages to comply with the plan, they may be able to secure Messi’s return. The challenge lies with the team’s ability to execute according to plan.

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