Barça arrived in Ceuta in three helicopters

Barça Arrived In Ceuta In Three Helicopters

Barcelona are already in Ceuta ahead of their last Copa del Rey encounter. Xavi Hernandez’s team arrived in the city in three helicopters which landed at the heliport.

The Barcelona squad arrived in Ceuta on Thursday, where they will face the home side in the Copa del Rey Round of 16. They arrived surrounded by great expectation and security around the helipad where they landed.

The Spaniards arrived in three helicopters: two with the summoned players and one with the technical staff. These helicopters bound for Ceuta left from Malaga after coming from Barcelona.

There was heavy security at the helipad, as the authorities didn’t want too many fans to arrive, but the fans welcomed the team anyway. Moreover, there was also a lot of security and police at the hotel where Xavi’s team will be staying.

Barcelona chose the same means of transport as when they last visited Ceuta in 2010.