Baidoa shocker: Somali military tribunal delivers deadly verdict to two men

Thursday May 18, 2023

Prepare to be bewildered. A lethally regimented military court in Baidoa made the decision to end the lives of two men. Yes, you read that correctly. And if that wasn’t tumultuous enough for you, it was done by firing squad this very morning.

If you’re still reeling from the shock, the first man, Adan Ali Abdi, was held responsible for the slaying of Moalim Dahir Abdullahi Mukhtar. The second man, Mohamed Geedow Nurow, took the life of late Jamal Abdikarin Madey. If that doesn’t leave your head spinning, just know that both South West regional state officials and the victims’ relatives were present for the blood-curdling event.

If this execution doesn’t send shivers down your spine, maybe the fact that this was just one of many in Baidoa this year will. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe.

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