Inside N&N: there’s a Malicious program

President Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Farmajo’ and his Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre Administration of the Federal Authorities of Somalia, underneath the banner of their authorities N&N (Nabad iyo Nolol), that means “ peace and life ”, have boasted sufficient since their arrival in energy.

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Their dogmatic assertion, nevertheless, raises many questions that demand solutions: what does “peace and life” actually imply to them? If this implies “to stay in peace” underneath what situations do they need us to stay in peace? Reside in peace in a sovereign nation of Somalia or a peaceable existence underneath the suzerainty of Ethiopia as their actions present? From the standpoint of their much-vaunted integration of the governments of the Horn of Africa, might this imply peacefully ceding Somalia to its enemy? The place is the ‘peace’ and ‘life’ they boast in a land that Alshabaab wreaks havoc in freedom, collects taxes from all ports, all industrial entities in Mogadishu, the capital and seat of presidency ? In a rustic the place authorities ministers pay cash for cover in Alshabaab? And the way is peace going to be achieved when the nationwide military is busy combating the federal member states underneath the noses of the Alshabaabs? What compelled the federal authorities to struggle its federal member states is extra worrying?

So as, nevertheless, to seek out the reply to this puzzle, let’s check out the parts that N&N is fabricated from.

The N&N is made up of two mutually instrumental teams: naive, short-sighted, budding politicians, simpletons led by a quixotic and power-hungry President Farmajo; and well-informed former Alshabaab members, led by financially linked and extremely influential ex-Alshabaab Fahad Yasin. The previous has short-term targets of wresting a few of its constitutional powers from the leaders of federal member states to stay in energy after the elections scheduled for 2021. The latter has a long-standing and intelligent purpose of erase Somalia and incorporate it completely into Ethiopia. This is the reason I name the N&N “Nacas & Nacab” – “fools and enemies”, a extra applicable title for that.

Alshabaab and Ethiopia:

In Somalia, there may be greater than what you see.

Alshabaab’s actions invariably belied their claims; they declare to be an Islamic fundamentalist at battle with a non-Islamic authorities in Mogadishu backed by troops from non-Muslim international locations, however they indiscriminately slaughter harmless and unarmed Muslim Somali civilians.

From the precept cui bono – for the advantage of whom – the accountability for an act falls on the one who has one thing to achieve, one can deduce that the actions of Alshabaab profit solely the enemies of Somalia. Ethiopia is Somalia’s primary enemy; its individuals are similar to Somalis and may simply be handed as Somalis in the event that they be taught the Somali language. Actually, in addition to an excellent a part of the ethnic Somali inhabitants of the Ethiopian inhabitants, a lot of its different ethnicities communicate Somali as a second language; as well as, a lot of its safety forces obtain schooling and coaching in Somali tradition and language, as required by their professions.

The formation of Alshabaab within the presence of Ethiopian troops in Mogadishu in 2007 is a reality which is extra possible removed from a coincidence.

Subsequently, from these info it may be inferred that Alshabaab is an Ethiopian military on a secret mission in Somalia. A basic enemy ship crusing in false colours – underneath the non secular flag on this case.

The federal authorities as a searching horse:

It’s well-known that the self-proclaimed repentant Alshabaab is within the base of the N&N authorities. As talked about earlier, Fahad Yasin, who’s now the pinnacle of the Nationwide Intelligence and Safety Service, the boss and probably the most highly effective within the ruling cabal, is believed to be a repentant Alshabaab fighter. And the listing of ex-Alshabaab in authorities just isn’t quick.

Because of this Alshabaab had infiltrated all ranges of Somalia’s federal authorities, particularly the safety companies. It had grafted onto the guts, physique and soul of the N&N authorities as its members turned the decision-makers of the federal authorities; and thus his initiatives turned authorities insurance policies. Taking an curiosity in Ethiopia’s rulers and searching for their blessings whereas condemning anybody who doesn’t cooperate in its romanticization of Ethiopia has grow to be the hallmark of the N&N authorities.

Unbeknownst to a few of its members, the N&N authorities is finishing up the plans of its enemy, the plans of Alshabaab. Out of foolishness, different members of the N&N assumed that holding a tiger by the tail was a saving act, an act of self-preservation. However for the Alshabaab brokers of the N&N, the best happiness comes from “defeating their enemy, watching them bathe in blood and tears, and taking the daughters of their enemies into their bosom,” to paraphrase Genghis Khan. And apparently that’s the reason the N&N authorities offers primacy to the struggle towards its federal member states over the Alshabaab battle.

Alshabaab’s Fifth Columnists wish to use the federal authorities as their hobbyhorse in a manner that appears helpful to the N&N idiocracy. Their final purpose is to take away any obstacles which will presumably forestall Somalia’s absorption into Ethiopia. One step in the direction of this finish is the demolition of presidency and societal frameworks by demolishing federal member states or imposing their crawlers on them as rulers. Always making a discord between the federal authorities and its member states by dishonoring the federal structure is one other centrifugal motion. The technique is to maintain Somalia divided till its individuals are atomized and disarmed to be able to be simply built-in and swallowed up in Ethiopia’s HOA empire.


Social media optics and rhetoric apart, the Federal Authorities of Somalia doesn’t exist past the murals of Villa Somalia the place it’s guarded by AMISOM (African Mission in Somalia) troops. . His ministers are stated to have paid safety cash to the Alshabaab in his capital, not to mention him to make sure the security of its residents.

The necessity for a robust and efficient Somali federal authorities is well-known. However this pressing want should not be allowed to be exploited by its enemies and used to undo the features made in tinkering Somalia over the previous 20 years. In different phrases, antagonizing federal member states or treating the structure with contempt shouldn’t be confused with federal authorities effectiveness as typically bought by the fifth Alshabaab columnist within the N&N.

Division and strife have taken their toll on Somalis. Extra discord will solely weaken Somalia additional. The Federal Authorities should search power within the unity of its folks and due to this fact convey them collectively. Fairly, he turned “Eelka kii dhigey u ergootooy” and turned to assist the perpetrators of Somalia.

Ethiopia needs to carry Somalia by its factions whereas swallowing it slowly however absolutely. On the one hand, Alshabaab, his clandestine military, brings the Somalis out of their nation lifeless or alive; alternatively, Ethiopian settlers settled there en masse.

The Federal Authorities of Somalia should know that Ethiopia just isn’t a good friend, however an enemy of Somalia, and have to be handled as such. And that Ethiopian troops will solely assist Somalia dig its grave deeper.

An outdated Somali saying goes: “Miro gunti ku jira miro geed saaran looma daadsho” – the fruits within the basket shouldn’t be thrown away for individuals who are nonetheless on the tree. Federal member states shouldn’t be disrupted now, though wants should till a robust federal authorities can take their place – use what you have got in hand to get what you need.

Nonetheless, the leaders of federal member states ought to be held accountable for unpaid payments in Somalia’s overseas affairs.

It will likely be foolishness to disrupt the federal member states or droop the structure, the regulation of the land, hoping it can strengthen the federal authorities; and the consequence of doing so will probably be catastrophic.

Ahmad Khalif

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