#Yet no clear winner in Israel


It became an even parliamentary election in Israel. Both main rivals proclaimed victory.

The challenger, Benny Gantz’s newly formed party, Blue White, became the biggest judge, but Prime Minister Netanyahu seems to have the best chance of forming a government.

It was celebrated at Blue-white election vault. But when the polling stations closed and the polling stations came, it became clear that it would be even and difficult to form a government.

Party leader Benny Gantz nonetheless proclaimed victory, saying that as the largest party he must be commissioned to form a government and he promised to form a broad government. He said the party will cooperate with everyone, religious and secular. Arabs and Jews.

Ariela who came to the electoral wardrobe dressed in party jersey and two flags was happy about the success but at the same time nervous before the government negotiations.

– Very nervous but at the same time happy about a fantastic performance of a party that was formed just two months ago, says Ariela.

Just a few hundred meters from Blue-white’s party, Benjamin Netanyahu’s party Likud held a vault. There the atmosphere was more subdued, but Netanyahu proclaimed the right block to the victor and said that the work of forming a new right government would begin already during the night.

Most evidence suggests that Netanyahu has the greatest chance of getting together a majority with a right-wing coalition, but the choice is difficult to assess and alliances can change.

Also, the final official election result is not expected until Friday.

If Netanyahu becomes the new prime minister, he will be the one who has been at the forefront of the Prime Minister’s post in Israel’s soon 71-year history.
But this year’s parliamentary elections have largely become a question of Netanyahu’s popularity, or lack of popularity.

Many voted against Netanyahu rather than Gantz.

– It looks like half of the population got enough of Bibi and is against him, “Bibi the King” he is called.

Among Israeli Arabs , the turnout was low following a call to boycott in protest against what many believe is lack of influence and discrimination.

For the first time, a woman from the Drusian majority also came into parliament.

But the morning after the election, the key question is still how a government can be formed and if any right party wants to cooperate with Benny Gantz Blue-white.

When the result becomes clearer, the president must consult with the party leaders and then appoint who gets the assignment to try to form the government.
Blue-white follower Ariela notes that government formation will be a nightmare.

– It will be a nightmare, we can only hope. But for us, the choice is already a success, says Ariela before she continues to waving her blue-white flags and celebrate as long as she can.


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