when Mohamed Ali beat Georges Foreman during the fight over

More than six million dollars is the amount paid last week by a collector to acquire Mohamed Ali’s world championship belt: the one from the famous fight against Georges Foreman in Kinshasa on October 30, 1974, considered the fight of the century. A sale that coincides with the re-release of the reference book “The Fight” by the American author Norman Mailer, a unique account that allows you to experience this fight from the inside.

Mythic battle and become mysterious and clearly marked by Mohamed Ali’s power in and out of the ring.

“Yes, madness was fertile in Africa, and in this madness in Africa two fighters were to receive five million dollars each, writes Norman Mailer in The Fight and continues: While a thousand miles on the world’s coast starving black people were to starve. . Kinshasa stayed on request of Mobutu, the boxing capital of the world Africa, which visibly put Mohamed Ali in a trance.

Mohamed Ali vs. Georges Foreman, the fight of the century

Foreman swept into the ring, Mohamed Ali also totally eclipsed the third star of this fight of the century, from the “Rumble to the jungle”. President Mobutu who had nevertheless announced throughout Kinshasa that he was the origin of “this gift to the Zairian people”. This fight had actually been fully funded by the then ruler of Zaire as part of his policy of authenticity.

On Mobutu’s side, there is a way to show his popularity, to show Zaire to African Americans.

Amzat Boukari-Yabara, historian

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