UN human rights chief goes to Xinjiang

At least a million, presumably as much as two million, Uighurs are estimated to be held or have been held in detention camps in Xinjiang. The prison-like services started to be constructed by the authorities in 2016. According to UN specialists, witnesses and activists, individuals there are separated from their households, locked up with out trial, politically indoctrinated and uncovered to violence.

According to China, the camps are so-called retraining camps, the place Uighurs and folks belonging to different Muslim minority teams obtain training, as a method to forestall terrorism and extremism from gaining a foothold.

The Xinjiang Autonomous Region is one-sixth of China’s space and is positioned within the northwestern nook of the nation. Over 90 % of the realm consists of mountains, deserts and tough terrain. The area has about 21 million inhabitants (2010) and most of them belong to Turkish-speaking, Muslim ethnic teams. The Uighurs are the biggest of these teams.

In current many years, the inflow of Han Chinese – the biggest ethnic group in China – has been giant to the area, because the extraction of oil and gasoline there, amongst different issues, has elevated.

In Chinese historiography, Xinjiang has at all times been a part of China, however the diploma of affect has different. The Uighurs have typically felt better ethnic and cultural affiliation with their Central Asian neighbors and strived for independence.

In current years, the independence ambitions within the area have attracted consideration by means of a number of violent assaults and the communist regime’s robust reactions to them.

Source: Landguiden / UI, Reuters

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