#The Swede in Ecuador is detained for 90 days


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that a 35-year-old man from Sweden, who is said to be close co-worker to the wiki founder founder Julian Assange, has been detained in Ecuador.

The man was arrested at the airport in Ecuador’s capital Quito on his way to Japan. The prosecutor’s office in the country writes that at the house search seized, among other things, usb sticks and laptops and passports. And today, during arrest negotiations, it was decided that he should be detained for 90 days.

According to the news agency AP , he is suspected of having participated in a plot to extort the country’s President Lenín Moreno not to throw out Assange from the embassy in London, where he lived for seven years.

Sofia Nahringbauer, press officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cannot comment on the suspicions, but confirms that he is detained.


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