#The refugee policy makes Danish government more difficult


After the parliamentary elections in Denmark, the first steps were taken today against a new government with the so-called Queen’s Round. But it looks as if government formation can be complicated

This morning Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen left his and the government’s farewell to Queen Margrethe and during the afternoon the party leaders met one after another queen, to give their picture of how they imagine a new Danish government.

And it will be new, as the majority have swung over from a bourgeois with the support of the Danish People’s Party, to an overweight on the red side.

But even though many consider it most likely that the Social Democrats’ party leader Mette Frederiksen will be Denmark’s new prime minister, it is far from obvious how a red government will look.

The parties have set clear requirements to give their support to Mette Frederiksen, the Socialist People’s Party calls for more staff in kindergartens, while the social-liberal Radical Venstre wants a more open policy on refugees

and according Rune Stubager, Professor of Political Science at Aarhus University, it is precisely in refugee policy the biggest tug of war will be, because Mette Frederiksen does not want to change her refugee policy.

– She has said that we have laid a line in our foreign policy and that is the line we hold and we cannot bear to change it. So there is a strong and clear contradiction, says Rune Stubager.

And when Mette Frederiksen during a debate today was pressured by the Danish People’s Party if she will change the refugee policy, she did not want to give a clear answer.

Although many are guessing that the formation of government will take time, few believe that it will take as long as in Sweden.

– My guess is that it will take a few weeks, says Rune Stubager guessing that the parties will solve the situation within a few weeks …


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