#The police believe that missing Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was killed


The Norwegian police suspect that the billionaire wife, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, was murdered and that the alleged kidnapping may have been a way of hiding her death. It was announced at a press conference today.

It is now almost eight months since Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, married to one of Norway’s richest men, Tom Hagen, disappeared from her home outside Oslo.

The Norwegian police worked long after the hypothesis that she was kidnapped and that the subject was economical. Among other things, the police have previously had contact with the supposed perpetrators and the request for a ransom in crypto currency must have been made.

But today police inspector Tommy Brøske announced at a press conference that the police instead believe that Anne-Elisabeth was murdered. The alleged kidnapping and ransom claims may have been a way of hiding her life.

The police do not want to comment on the subject
The reasons why the hypothesis has changed are several, the police inspector explains.

– It is the time that has passed, the lack of proof of life and the absence of contact in recent months, he says.

The police do not want to reveal if there is any motive, and not if you have any suspect.


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