The place on the plane you should avoid – if you do not want to get sick to your stomach

If you have a chance to pick and choose where to sit on board an upcoming flight, it may be worth thinking about an extra time.

News24 has previously written about how to get the best seat on the plane, but there are also places to avoid – especially if you do not want to risk getting a stomach ache on board.

Therefore, you should avoid the place at the aisle

More specifically, it is the places along the aisle that may be worth skipping. Although it can be nice to, with ease, be able to get a leg stretcher or go to the toilet without disturbing other passengers, there are also disadvantages.

According to the doctor Michael Zimringwho is the director of travel medicine at Baltimore’s Mercy Medical Center in the USA, is the fact that a lot of bacilli and viruses are collected there – often from passers-by who have just been to the toilet, according to the Times.

Foto: Stella Pictures

A scientific study, published in Clinical Infectious Diseasesalso confirms this: those sitting in the aisle are more likely to be affected by norovirus, which causes winter vomiting.

– If you sit on a window seat, the risk of you getting sick is less, says the microbiologist charles gerba till Times.

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