The knife attack was an act of revenge against Charlie

“We are still at war with terrorism,” Interior Minister Gerald Darman told French media this morning when he paid a symbolically important visit to one of Paris’ synagogues.

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At the same time, Darmanin assured the French that he had asked the Paris police to strengthen security in a number of places considered possible terrorist targets.

Following the attack on Friday, the French authorities were criticized for not strengthening security in such places now in connection with the trial of a number of suspects for aiding and abetting the assassination of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

The person suspected of Friday’s knife attack on two people outside Charlie Hebdo’s old premises has, according to information to the French media, admitted the act. The suspect believed that Charlie Hebdo’s editorial office was still there and that the people he attacked were working there.

According to French media, the suspect is an eighteen-year-old Pakistani man who has been in France for two years. Since he came to France as a minor, he has reportedly been in contact with social authorities until he came of age in August this year.

According to police information, the motive for the attack is revenge for Charlie Hebdo republishing the controversial cartoons of Muhammad in connection with the trial beginning in early September.

The knife attack is being investigated by prosecutors as attempted murder with terrorist motives. A total of eight people have been arrested. No organization is suspected to be behind the act.

According to Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, the French police have averted 32 terrorist attacks in the past three years.

– Every day, French police fight against potential terrorist attacks.

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