The G7 promises 7.5 billion euros more

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The leaders of the G7 countries have talked about the Covid-19 pandemic and are more specifically focused on the issue of vaccine sharing. Many donations are given, the international community mobilizes to support the poorest countries, starting with Africa.

as reported from Berlin, Pascal Thibaut

The seven most industrialized countries make 7.5 billion euros available for the Covax vaccination program for the poorest countries, which is a doubling. In all, more than ten billion are collected worldwide, according to Chancellor Merkel.

The UN plan wants to deliver 1.3 billion doses of vaccines to 92 countries by the end of the year. The United States, Germany, Europe announced at the virtual meeting of the leaders of the G7, as in the wake of an online event during the security conference in Munich, further efforts.

Macron is offering a donation of 13 million doses to Africa

Germany increases its aid by DKK 1.5 billion Joe Biden wants to unlock this year and in 2022 four billion dollars. Emmanuel Macron, who is also almost present in Munich, wanted Europe and the United States to cede 13 million doses to African countries to allow vaccination of their nursing staff.

The African continent needs to immunize all its caregivers to resist its health care system. I appeal: Europeans, Americans, we can give Africa the necessary 13 million doses of vaccines. Let’s be united, let’s be effective.

– Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) February 19, 2021

“The pandemic will only be defeated once the whole world has been vaccinated,” Angela Merkel said, speaking of a “fundamental issue of justice”. Progress remains as 0.5% of the world’s vaccinations have so far taken place in the poorest countries.


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