The coalition against Daesh wants to get involved in West Africa


The fight against Daesh continues and is now passing through Africa, according to the international coalition against the Islamic State group, which met this week with a video conference, at the initiative of the United States and Nigeria.

If the group in Iraq and Syria, where the coalition has done a lot of military work, no longer controls any territory, its inconvenience will only increase on the African continent. In the three border areas of Lake Chad in northern Mozambique, several terrorist organizations claim to be part of the Islamic State group. This coalition, which now brings together 83 countries and organizations around the United States (including France), therefore intends to expand its operations on the continent, starting in West Africa.

The coalition was formed in August 2014 to counter Daesh in Syria and Iraq and carried out almost 35,000 airstrikes there for four and a half years, playing an important military role in destruction of the self-proclaimed caliphate.

Today, the enemy has adapted and made the African continent its priority area, the coalition must therefore continue its struggle there, believes American diplomacy. Among Washington’s traditional allies in Africa, Niger and Nigeria joined forces with Cameroon, Chad and Guinea when Mauritania officially joined the coalition this week.

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The first areas of support discussed are strengthening border surveillance, civilian intelligence, data collection assistance to support legal proceedings and the fight against funding networks for groups linked to Daesh.

The US special envoy Nathan Sales insisted on the need for the supporting countries to respect the rule of law and assured that this coalition could be a security partner chosen and in the long run complement existing initiatives, such as ”Operation Barkhane.

The US diplomat, who on this occasion announced a further $ 30 million in 2021 to “strengthen the capabilities of the civilian sector for frontline partners in the fight against terrorism”.

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