#Terrorist Says had several identities: Rented passport and ID card on Swedish site


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The 30-year-old man suspected of having prepared a terrorist attack has used a handful of different identities in Sweden. It enabled him to work, travel and send money. “There are people who can lend their identity and account number. You have to pay 2000 SEK every month for this, ”says the man in questioning.

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Three men are charged with suspects for preparing terrorist attacks in Sweden. The police attacked the men in April last year. Among the prosecutor’s evidence, there are, among other things, quantities of chemicals, but also war cutters and bayonets.

One of the men, a 30-year-old Uzbek citizen, has been able to work in Sweden for several years using various identities, says Metro’s review.

The man came to Sweden the first time in 2011, but traveled again to Uzbekistan in 2012. In December 2015, he applied for asylum with his family in Sweden, according to a PM from the Swedish Security Service.

In police investigations, the man was confronted with various identity documents that the police seized. The man had an Uzbek driving license, a Lithuanian passport, a Greek passport and a Greek ID card.

The Greek passport has the man used “on 1-2 occasions when he sent money to his family” and “to get his family”, according to the investigation. In the interrogation the man also tells that a person in Stockholm fixed it and that “the person said he would get a genuine passport that several people have been able to use to fly back and forth”.

Borrows out its identity – for 2000 SEK

In the man’s computer, a CV was also found in another name. The man says he has used the current name between 2011 and 2012.

If you enter the Swedish Palm, there are people who can lend their identity and their account number. You have to pay 2000 SEK every month.

The CV is written in Swedish, and the man has said that someone else has written it. “If you go to the Swedish Palm, there are people who can lend their identity and their account number. You have to pay 2000 SEK every month ”, the man has told.

“The Swedish Palm” describes itself as an association and “virtual club” in order to “unite and develop two world concepts” – the Russian and the Swedish, according to their website.

Linked to the name in the CV: there was an ID card, which the man claims to have disappeared.

With the help of the CV, the man tells him that he got a job at the building and as a cleaner. “It was the other who went on the interviews and went to work after employment”.

In August 2016, the man traveled with his family to Turkey, and when he returned to Sweden in December the same year, he again sought asylum.

Refuses to crime

In addition to the suspicions that he is preparing terrorist offenses, he has also been charged with terrorist financing.

Together with co-defendants, he must have sent almost SEK 20,000 to a recipient in Turkey “for the purpose of using the money, or knowing that the money was intended to be used, by an association of persons within the framework of the Islamic State’s activities”.

Man’s lawyer, Robin Söder:

– My client denies crime and much of what is claimed. When it comes to preparing for terrorist crimes, he denies, and when it comes to funding, he admits that he sent money, but not to IS but to his family and to the needy in different camps, who are not IS.

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