Syrian mercenaries on their way to Azerbaijan?

Is it time for the departure of the Syrian mercenaries sent by Turkey in Libya? In any case, it seems that Ankara transferred almost a thousand of these mercenaries to Azerbaijan to fight Armenia in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Several planes left Libya on 28 and 29 September with mercenaries on board.

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On September 29, a Libyan civilian plane from the company al Borak took off from Maitigua airport in Tripoli with more than 260 Syrian mercenaries on board. He made a direct Tripoli-Baku flight, an unprecedented and above all unplanned flight. Several locations specializing in aircraft tracking have tracked the plane’s trajectory, reports Houda Ibrahim, from the RFI service in Africa

Libyan sources estimate the number of Syrian fighters who have already left Libya to Baku at nearly 1,000. They are often mercenaries at the end of the contract. According to testimonies from fighters already there, the new Syrian recruits sent to the Nagorno-Karabakh front lack training. Syrians from Libya are more used to war. According to several sources, more than 100 Syrians have already died in this new war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

For his part, General Khaled al Mahjoub of the Libyan National Army explains supportive photos that 4 other Turkish troop transport planes left Misrata airport on September 28, probably according to him “to transport these mercenaries. In Baku”. the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which, however, does not provide figures.

About 12,000 Syrian mercenaries are still in Libya, while a ceasefire has been in place since June in the country. Emptying Libya of all mercenaries is on the table for current political discussions, it is also the wish of the United States.

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