#Swedish H&M Looks at Ethiopian Textile Industry


Swedish Global Clothing Manufacturing Company H&M looks ahead to enter the growing manufacturing sector in Ethiopia, the outgoing Swedish Ambassador Jan Sadek told the local media yesterday.

Following his farewell talks with President Dr. Mulatu Teshome, the Ambassador said Sweden seeks to increase its economic ties with Ethiopia.

He said: a lot of Swedish companies are interested to come to Ethiopia. The global clothing manufacturer, H&M has keen interest to enter the Ethiopian textile industry.

This hopefully will be important in terms of raising hard currency, catalyzing the industrial development of Ethiopia and in creating massive jobs, he underlined.

He further stated that Erickson is proud to be here in Ethiopia in the telecom sector.

Ethiopia has the best quality coffee whereas Sweden is the second biggest coffee importer in the world. Ethiopia’s flowers have also large demands in Swedish market. These opportunities further enhance the two countries economic cooperation, according to the Ambassador.

The bilateral relations between the two countries started in the mid-19th century when Swedish Missionaries had come to Ethiopia and expand education and clinics.

Since that time, over 6000 schools have been built in Ethiopia by Swedish initiatives, Ambassador Sadek noted.

The fact that the late athletics legend Abebe Bekila trained by Swedish experts demonstrates the strong historical ties of the two countries, the Ambassador said.

Ethiopia and Sweden have many global issues to hold-on actively including the climate change, migration and global peace and security affairs, Ambassador Sadek mentioned.

“As both Ethiopia and Sweden are currently non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council ( UNSC), it is the right time to act jointly in the global arena to promoting climate smart economy, peace and stability,” he added.

National Palace Protocol Affairs Head Ashebir Getnet noted that the relationship between Ethiopia and Sweden goes back to the 1950s when Sweden experts start to expand education, health and agricultural research.

Currently, the bilateral relationship is hiking to investment and common global concerns, he added.

Swedish government has approved a development cooperation to Ethiopia worth for a billion Krone spanned from 2016-2020, according to Ashebir.

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